Our first IKEA kitchen

Our client was set on an IKEA kitchen from the onset. She humoured me by visiting the showroom of a local cabinet shop as well as having a custom cabinet maker in. IKEA was not the least expensive and even cost more than the custom cabinet maker's quote. Why did our client go with IKEA? Trust and respect for IKEA products seemed to be at the root of her decision.

The end product is lovely. The installers, IKAN, worked painstakingly to do a good install and returned promptly for touch ups. If there was one element that needs fixing, it is the design software IKEA supplies for the designer to work with. Quite literally, the shop drawings were missing cabinets completely. The software just would not show them. As you might expect, the carpenters laying out the kitchen framing were not impressed. 

All in all, a very nice kitchen and a very happy client.