Painting by local artist in Victoria, Deddeda Stemler

Painting by local artist in Victoria, Deddeda Stemler

We recognize we're entering your personal space. Your home.

The place where you hang family photos. Store the bottles of Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon from your San Francisco winery visit. Show paintings by foreign artists and young family members.

We respect that

On smaller jobs, you will likely continue living in your home while we work alongside you on your project. It's about being respectful of your space and recognizing we need to work around you. This means letting you know what's happening -- like, when heavy equipment will be interrupting your day or when it's safe to check on the job's progress.

Some projects entail larger portions of your home and take longer. There is a point when your emotional well-being and our productivity is better served by you moving out. By discussing the renovation process together while looking at critical dates for you, we can put together a plan that works to your best interests. As the project approaches completion, you may feel compelled to move in early. It's usually wiser to wait out this urge. 

It's more than having the construction skills. We want it to be an enjoyable experience for you.