Alpine Spray Foam says their foam is safe

There has been some concern  ....

If you read nothing else, simply understand that Alpine is the only Victoria based company that is a Canadian Urethane Foam Contractor Association (CUFCA) member and as such:

·         uses a CUFCA certified foam 

·         has third party trained CUFCA spray technicians

·         follows a rigid third party administered quality assurance program (which includes training, product, and application standards, daily work documentation and ongoing technician competency testing.), and,

·         has a third party warranty over their work

 This level of compliance and responsibility increases our costs; however, we know that it is important, which is why we have been CUFCA members and have been following these protocols for years - long before any TV show aired. 

 When it comes to spray foam, we are different from our competitors ....

David Lewis & John Ingham

Alpine Insulation Ltd./Island Sprayfoam