It's exciting to imagine

When you think about your home, do you envision you, your family and friends, enjoying your new renovation? It's exciting to imagine. And, it does not have to stop there. We love to help you get the renovation you want.  

How we can HELP

Because every renovation project has unique challenges and opportunities, we provide customized support for you. Our promise to work with you for a better renovation means just that. After discussing your project with you, we will propose how it would be achieved to your best interests. If you agree, we will make it so - together.

Why us

We are a small but experienced renovation firm offering general contracting, design build, project and construction management services. Because of our experience and organizational flexibility we are able to tackle any renovation with confidence. We believe that competence, dependability and honesty are what you are looking for. That is why we use these values to guide us - we also like to have fun.

We have the EXPERIENCE that counts!

Serving Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Island since 2003, ConstructoGroup is the Full Service Renovation Contractor on the West Coast being rewarded with customers talking about quality workmanship and a good experience on each project.