It's exciting to imagine

When you think about your home, do you envision you, your family and friends, enjoying your new renovation? It's exciting to imagine. And, it does not have to stop there. Renovating is legal. It's even socially acceptable. In fact, your friends and family may envy you. 

How we can HELP

While the end result of a renovation can be very attractive to you, you may hesitate at the thought of the disruption. We shepherd you through your project on your terms. From planning and design, to the finished product, we can organize and coordinate your project.   Our clients enjoy the process and love the finished product:

"If we had it to do all over again, we would not change a thing."

-- Derek and Lynda Crawford, Clients

"We were kept in the loop in any decisions, the quality of work is excellent and the finish carpentry is amazing."

-- Greg and Anne Froh, Clients

Why us

Knowing what is required, and when, takes experience. While we are learning everyday, we do have experience. Equally important, is how we move the elements along. Quite simply, our success is built on engaging experienced people who enjoy what they are doing and want to be part of your renovation. The clients below like the way we do things. 

"My father was an Electrical Contractor and when growing up he shared some unflattering stories about General Contractors. So, when I recognized I needed a general contractor to remodel my condominium, I shuddered. But, my goodness you have been great; you look after every little thing!"

-- Sylvan Heywood, Client

"Considering the renovation stories I hear at work and the fact that you built us an addition, renovated our kitchen, our master bedroom and bathroom, all while we lived in our house, I just do not feel like I have suffered enough."

-- Mike Pascoe, Client

We have the EXPERIENCE that counts!

Servicing Victoria, the Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Island since 2003, ConstructoGroup is the Full Service Renovation Contractor on the West Coast being rewarded with customers talking about attention to detail, good relations and quality workmanship on each project.