Overview of Renovaton and/or Addition Process

Pre-Construction Phase

First Meeting

We meet with you on site to discuss your plans and how we might work together.

Client Vision and Needs Development

Once we agree to work together, we push your boundaries to better learn what is important to you and the budget you are prepared to work with.  

Concept Development

Concept drawings are prepared to capture the identified elements. Then, in a back and forth review process, your requirements take shape. Key trades are consulted to get a sense of do-ability and cost.

 Design Development

Preliminary drawings are prepared and when you are satisfied with these drawings, we put together a package for your approval: plans, budget and schedule. Your Building Permit can be applied for. 

Selecting Fixtures and Finishes

Now, we work with you selecting and cataloging all the fixtures and finishes. This involves visiting supplier showrooms, discussions with specialty contractors, reviewing brochures and researching web sites. The estimate is adjusted to reflect the selected elements, and with your approval, we move ahead to the construction phase.

Construction Phase


The Building Permit is obtained. The work crews and contractors are notified of the schedule. Items requiring a long delivery time are ordered. A pre-construction meeting is held with you to review your expectations and concerns. Last adjustments are made to the plan to make certain it works for you.


Now the onsite work begins on your home. Equipment, tools and supplies are delivered. The work crews arrive and the transformation takes place. The project is closely monitored for how the job is proceeding relative to schedule, approved budget and adherence to specifications. Throughout this stage there will be regular meetings to keep you fully informed on the status of the project.

Substantial Completion and Follow-up

At this time your renovation is ready to be used for its intended purpose. We review of the entire project to find how you feel and how well your needs were met. Following this, we attend to any remaining issues or adjustments and then follow up in 45 days to ensure that everything is in order. Then in one year, we do our final inspection to be certain everything is working properly.