Why Excellence is the Perfect Tool

When a young apprentice carpenter, my carpenter mentor, Eric Hollett, demonstrated how to hang a door. This was when a chisel was used to set the hinges, a brace and bit to drill the holes and an actual screwdriver to install the screws! In all the years since, I have never witnessed any carpenter who worked as quickly and accurately as Eric. When he had hung the door and gently closed it, click, I exclaimed "Holy Smoke. That is perfect Eric. The door is perfectly flush and the spacing around it is just perfect!" Eric responded, "it is not perfect. You nor I, or anyone will ever achieve perfection - EXCELLENCE YES."

While, I have not delivered excellent work as often as I wish, excellence works very well to gauge the quality of any installation. From my experience, the worker must be in 'a good place' to produce excellent work. Therefore, we endevour to employ people who love what they do and want to be working on your/our job - it makes the difference. 

-- Stephen Lentz