The Constructo Way: collaborative design and construction

When starting in business doing home renovations, my clients would ask advice on design decisions they were struggling with. Over time, I developed some design sense, the main sense being respect for design professionals, which led me to begin recommending a design consultant. Invariably, my client would respond that they did not want someone 'taking over’; but wanted to use their own design sense. This left me struggling to provide the level and quality of design support my clients wanted, while not 'taking over.'

Meanwhile, municipal bylaws and building codes became significantly more demanding in response to leaky condo lawsuits, new rules to insure clean air, increased energy efficiency and seismic strengthening measures. Hence the planning and design work for each project has became increasingly demanding, to the point where getting each job organized and ready for the construction is a major undertaking.

With all these factors at play, I began looking for a better ‘delivery model.’  My solution, which may always be a work in progress, is a collaborative design and construction approach. This means bringing in key design and specialty contractors as early in the process as possible, and together listening closely to the client and to each other as well, and, all together, creating a built environment that meets our client's needs and all the regulations.